Sexy Witches Return to Life Dirty Comics

January 18th, 2012

Sexy Witches dirty comics
A bunch of hot zombie witches return to life after being dead for who knows how long in these dirty comics. Perhaps they were once butt ugly looking witches, but upon return – they’ve got some perfect, tight bodies with gorgeous tits, long sexy legs and sweet looking pussy. They rip their clothes off in the middle of the cemetery just to see what each others bodies look like up close and perhaps get into some dirty lesbian sex, but then… something goes awry and it seems some alien tentacle “thing” is coming out of the ground and wreaking havoc! Check out these hot sexy witches returning to life dirty comics that are pretty impressive!

Crazy Naked Alien Fighting 3D Dirty Comics

January 15th, 2012

Alien 3D Dirty Comics
Gotta love outrageous and goofy dirty comics that involve some sci-fi and a bunch of huge guns! The above is just a tiny sample showing some Terminator looking alien and a naked couple with somewhat odd features fighting this alien thing. You can see the complete dirty comics plus a whole site full of other really impressive hilarious, goofy and just downright crazy stuff at this 3D dirty comics site. If you especially love dirty comics featuring sci-fi, aliens, monsters, fairies, elves and all sorts of stuff like that, then definitely check it out!

Stockings and Garters Slut Dirty Comics

August 30th, 2011

Slutty Dirty Comics

Like to watch a hottie in garters and stockings down on her knees giving a blowjob or getting fucked in various positions? But prefer it in awesome artwork and comics? You’ll love the smoking hot stockings and garters slut in these dirty comics for sure. Perfectly detailed as it’s drawn, right on down to her hairy pussy, you’ll love reading and watching the nasty action throughout these sexy comics!

Emma Watson Filthy Dirty Comics

October 12th, 2009

Hot Emma Watson Sex

Hot Emma Watson celebrity comics, and these are definitely some dirty, filthy Hermione ones! Sexy witch babe devours the fuck out of Harry Potter cock and loves every minute of it! NOt only does she get herself some wizard cock, but her witch pussy is craving a threesome from redhead Weasley as well as Harry Potter, making a hot Hermione fuck sandwich, and making for some excellent drawn artwork filled with fantastic Emma Watson dirty comics porn!

Sexy Mila Jovovich Dirty Comics

August 28th, 2009

Sexy Mila Jovovich

Now that cock looks too big for your head Mila! Somehow I don’t think the artists are going to let the size of their comical dicks get in the way of some great dirty comics celebrities sucking on them. Personally i think they may have gone this one quite accurate. Not that I’ve seen Mila’s pussy, I just imagine that she could handle a big fat cock real nicely! Check out Mila Jovovich taking an incredibly huge cock!

Super Nympho Comics Babe Saves Damsel by Fucking

August 25th, 2009

Hot Super Nympho

This is an interesting story. These dirty comics have hit on a winner with super-nympho girl, or whatever she’s called. They have her rescuing damsels in distress, not by using super human strength, or even super duper weapons; No this hot heroine uses her ability to fuck like a bunny! Simple really, let the girl go and I promise, in the good old fashioned dirty way, to fuck your brains out!

Megan Fox Riding Cock in Dirty Comics

August 21st, 2009

Sexy Megan Fox

Foxy Megan Fox certainly does compliment any collection of dirty comics. Hell if they had comics like this when I was a lad, I’d have never gone to school! Megan Fox is put through her paces in these adult toons. We can see her getting a good pussy licking. We can also see that the artists have her getting fucked hard in a couple of sexy positions, again by those big hard dick dudes!

Dirty Comics of Dude Taking Care of His Guests Pussy

August 18th, 2009

Guy Takes Good Care of Pussy

Talk about strange plots! Read this one and then tell me that dirty comics aren’t any good. These provide entertainment in so many ways, even if it’s making fun of the dreadful plots. A dude taking care of his guest… as well as her tight pussy! Still the action is all porn, and not much plot so there’s no need to worry that they’re all of a sudden going to start worrying about entertaining their readers in any way other than the classic fuck toons wanking way!

Raunchy Madonna Dirty Comics

August 14th, 2009

Madonna Getting it on with two dudes

Madonna has always managed to get what she wants, and get it her own way. These toons realize this for all of us now, as we see the material girl behaving nothing like a virgin! These comics have her sucking on a huge tool and getting white cum shot all over her pop star, diva tits. It doesn’t stop there because she also gets it on with a couple guys as well, on pleasing her pussy and another getting a nice feel of her tits!

Dirty Comics of Blowjob on a Boat

August 11th, 2009

Hot Blowjob in the Middle of a Lake

Dirty comics can even give you that real, ideal girlfriend experience. Well almost. You can read adult toons and look at the girlfriends in there and imagine yours would do the same. Pity they don’t all look the same as they do in the comics though! I am sure you will agree. Especially when you see this hot honey in red taking a huge mouthful of cock without a speech bubble of complaint. And deepthroat is an understatement!